We based in the Probodyone method of the body-mind-environment unity, changing the environment for new ecosystems that are beneficial for their health.


Today we are subject to different types of stress and pollution:

  • physical (muscle tension, contractures)
  • chemical (pesticides, pollution)
  • psychological (relationship, work stress, family)
  • food (disbalance, exces of fat, sugar...)
  • diseases and pain
  • Stressful environment (noise, lack of light)
  • ergonomics (bad position, repetitive movment...)

Any of them or the combination of several causes imbalances in our faculty of self-regulation of body and mind, called homeostasis. The alteration of this balance disturbs our physiology, forcing us to compensate for a subconsumption of our vitamins, minerals, trace elements, causing dysfunction and upsetting our genetics. Indeed, the alteration of the DNA is the result of a promotion of genes that lead to the disease when the DNA has been altered by an oxidative stress. The excess of free radicals produced by oxidation and lack of vitamins or antioxidants, directly linked to our food and our environment, lead to oxidative stress that attacks our DNA.


The simple fact  of changing ecosystems, release us from this environmental, psychological, physical, and nutritional stress ... will allow us to "reborn" because of no recognize  new proteins by our imunological sistem.  If  we are everytime  in the same environment  submit at the same foods, the same noise, the same  scent, our imunological sistem create  some  intolerance or allergies. Sometimes  this  imunological sistem defending us or sometimes attack ourselves like in imunological diseases...


So if we continue in that path of stressors, we will decompensate in diseases such as burnout, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, cardio-vascular diseases, hair loss, muscle pain, etc.

We can say that the majority of chronic diseases of the 21st century are linked to these physiological phenomena.


To break this vicious circle, we propose quality tourism focused on health, well-being and / or aesthetics, associated with lifestyle and activities for each person according to their tastes (culture, art, music, sports, excursions, fashion, gastronomy, etc.)


In our concept of reborn, the first step is education: nutrition education, emotional education, sustainable health education, etc. This education in sustainable health with coaching tools, in a situation of well-being thanks to a favorable place and a sufficient time, will give us  opportunity to grow in our new destiny.


All the destinations, infrastructures and networking professionals with whom we collaborate have the same philosophy and mission as we do; they have been formed by us in these aspects of the search for physical-mental balance and in relation to the environment.


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