We associate health-aesthetic-wellness tourism with local quality lifestyles to enjoy the environment, the ecosystems, protecting them and enjoying them.


In cities and city-break we enjoy fashion, culture boutiques; in beaches spot  we can enjoy energy of the sea to relax, reduce stress, walks in mountains, rivers ... In other places, you could meet and know differents cultures but without losing the health-aesthetic and wellness focus.

The tourist plans could be for three days in concept of city-break up to three weeks or more in places of exception, to offer an exclusive experience and  enhance the balance of the  body-mind-ecosystems.


In health tourism we will take advantage of the environment, as well as local products to adapt programs dedicated  for example to overweight, obesity (Mediterranean diet, alkaline nutrition, okinawa diet, gluten-free, milk-free ...) The objective is to adapt to each person and make a specific plan  considering aliments intolerances ...


Another aspect of great interest in health-wellness tourism is to focus on stress management propos ing exclusive experiences for release mind  tension within help of new ecosystems.


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