Health-wellness-aesthetic tourism that we develop is part of our Probodyone concept of  body-mind-environment unity.


Just as we can treat the body with different types of therapy (osteopathy, massage ...), the mind (mental coaching, mindfulness, breathing, meditation ...), the effect of traveling and having a tourism destination with a defined program means converting tourism in a tool to enhance your health and well-being.


Relationship with the ecosystems in which we are evolving daily influences the health of human beings.


One of the ways to work on the environment is precisely to change the environment when it is hurting you or doesn't allow you to reach your balance. Changing ecosystems or going to a favorable ecosystem for their health is an effective way to achieve the objectives in a holistic conception of health.


Our philosophy is to take advantage of this vacation time with a well-defined program based on your goals (stop stress, nutrition-health, detox, anti-aging, overweight, physical training ...), to acquire habits, routines that, once we return to our daily life, we can continue.


The simple effect of  travelling for tourism is winning for your health, but beyond that you have to know where to find the environment that will be really beneficial for your health in terms of local foods; environmental aspects such as temperature, sun, beach, relaxation ... and also very important  "actors" around the project who have the same perspective and philosophy of life.


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